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1. Introduction

The attached form allows you to register a domain name with the .ml extension and the associated networks. It is necessary to use this form to send the request. The original version in French must be used.

The registrant's stamp must be put on the form. The form must be signed by the administrative contact of the domain name and sent to the NIC by mail.

NIC-Mali may only process requests for domain names ending with .ml. For registering domain names with other extensions, please contact the responsible NIC. A list of all existing NIC's is available at http://www.domainname.uni.cc. It is required to fill in every fields of the registration form. Your provider can eventually help you to fill in the technical part of the form.

2. How to fill in the form

2.1 Registrant (Organisme demandeur) :

It is necessary to describe the company that makes the request. If the request comes from a department within the company, please mention the department name.

2.2 Domain name (Nom de domaine) :

The chosen domain name is composed of three parts: the chosen name, an organisational second level domain (such as co, gov, net, org, ac, …) and the .ml top level domain. The chosen domain can be composed of any standard character from "a" to "z", any number from "0" to "9" and/or the hyphen (however the hyphen cannot begin or end the name. The minimum length of the domain name must be 3 digits, and the maximum length will preferably be 12 digits (non-including the .ml).

Registration rules

  • Domain names that reflect trademark registered at the IPAO / OAPI will be registered under .com.ml. A copy of the trademark certificate is required;
  • Local companies can register a domain name that reflects their legal or brand names under .com.ml. A copy of the registration document from the local tribunal of commerce is required;
  • Internet providers can register their name under .net.ml;
  • Associations are registered under .org.ml. A copy of the registration confirmation from the local Ministry of Interior is required;
  • International organisations will be registered under .org.ml. Those companies must be registered to the local administration;
  • Local schools will be registered under .edu.ml;
  • Governmental organisations will be registered under .gov.ml;
  • The local press can be registered under .presse.ml.

NIC-Mali can decide at any time to add a new second level domain.

Once the naming rules are respected, domain names are registered on a first come, first served basis.

2.3 Request types :

You must precise what kind of request you are sending.

Domain name reservation (Réservation de nom de domaine) :

Any domain name dispute resolution is based on the anteriority of the declaration. Therefore, your organisation can wish to reserve a domain name before having an Internet connection. Any reservation is valid during one year after its acceptation by NIC-Mali. During that period, the domain name can be activated at any time. You have to contact NIC-Mali before the expiry date of the domain name in order to renew it. If not, the domain name will be put available again.

Domain name registration (Création de domaine) :

It means registering a domain name that has never been created before with the .ml extension.

Domain name modification (Modification du domaine) :

If you want to modify the records of an already registered domain, we advise you to have the form signed by the same person, who signed the initial registration form; this will make the modification process faster.

Modification of the domain name delegation (Changement de délégation de gestion) :

If you change the provider for the technical management of the domain name, you have to mention the name of the new provider and eventually of the old provider on the "délégation de gestion" field. It can be the case if you have to change the DNS servers.

2.4 Domain name delegation (Délégation de gestion) :

You have to fill in that part if you charge a provider to host you domain name or if you move to another provider. Before sending your request, you are required to notify the new and the old provider.

2.5 Administrative contact (Responsable administratif) :

It's the person within your company, who is responsible of choosing the domain name. That person authorises the registrant to appear on Internet under the chosen domain name. That person must sign the registration request and any further modification requests.

2.6 Technical contacts (Contacts techniques) :

The chosen people must be able to intervene on the DNS servers and any resource associated to those machines (routers, hosts, …) If the servers are administrated by an Internet provider, the technical contacts must be part of the provider's technical team.

2.7 DNS servers (Serveurs de noms du domaine) :

The servers must be permanently reachable from any machine on the Internet. The UDP and TCP packs destined to the domain port 53 must not be filtered. It is recommended that the ICMP packs are not filtered either.

In order to provide a reliable service, the primary and secondary servers may not be situated on the same physical network, and it is recommended that both servers are on different access points. It is often possible to ask your provider or another company to run the secondary server for your primary one.

NB : every request is made the same way on each server. The requests are shared between the servers without any distinction of the primary and the secondary.

2.8 Reverse DNS zone (Zones inverses à déclarer) :

It is necessary to declare any reverse zone to your network. It makes possible to reach a domain name from an IP address. This functionality is described in the manual of your DNS server.

3. Recommended texts (Lectures recommandées) :

The following RFC's explain the way DNS servers are working. The registrant agrees to respect the Internet norms:

- RFC 1034, 1035 : Domain names - concepts & facilities. Domain names - implementation & specification.

- RFC 819, 821, 822, 920 : Domain Name Convention for Internet User applications, SMTP, Domain requirements, UUCP Mail Interchange Format standard.

- RFC 1127 : A perspective on the host requirement for Internet hosts.

4. Behaviours :

- The registrant must use IP addresses from NIC-Mali, RIPE, Internic or any address that respects the RFC 1597.

- The registrant may not jam the DNS server with requests related to non existing domain names by setting them and the software running on them correctly.

- The registrant must insure that the use of his domain name does not lead to a traffic to any network outside of his network without the approval of the concerned network administrator.

- The registrant can create subdomains that depend on his domain and delegate the subdomains to third parties. However, he remains responsible for the integrity of his domain name. Such delegations must be made in conformity with the present rules and with the approval of the .ml top level domain administrator, if necessary.

- The registrant agrees to notify NIC-Mali of any uncurrent use of his IT resources by third systems and/or people.

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